Food security is one of our major concerns and we therefore actively contribute to the ecological revitalization of La Gomera. In doing so, we draw on over 25 years of experience in organic farming.

We supply local shops with our own products and exchange them with other food producers within the island. Thus, we want to motivate communities and the island government towards more food sovereignty and less dependence on mainland imports.

The sustainable recovery of the land also supports the conservation of the local flora and fauna of La Gomera.

Our range of products includes dried chili and herbal products, seeds, and fresh seasonal vegetables. Our products are 100% local, organic, and handmade.

We are ICCA (Canary Islands Food-Quality Institute) and ROPE (Organic Producers Register) certified.


Finka Alexandria is meant to offer a space for personal and creative development. Many of our volunteers have remarkable handcraft skills and are bubbling over with good ideas.

Knowledge is passed on from one generation of volunteers to the next. This means that people who have changed career paths also have the opportunity to learn new craft skills with us.

In recent years, we have already been able to establish a small range of handmade products.

We process wood and leather into various products such as cooking utensils, pipes, hair sticks purses or tobacco and passport bags, as well as key rings.

Self-designed postcards also belong to our classics.